Gonstead chiropractors adjust the specific vertebrae in question, not ALL of them. There is a scientific method to determine exactly how we treat your spine. With the Gonstead Technique, there is never overpowering your neck muscles to over-twist your neck or back. Chiropractors who practice this technique have had extensive training and education to specialize as Gonstead Chiropractors that goes above-and-beyond the standard Doctor of Chiropractic degree.


Operating a Gonstead practice requires doctors with more education hours, more seminar hours, more practice hours, the overhead expenses are high, you need advanced radiology equipment and advanced diagnostic equipment - so, why do we do it? - Because our clients don’t argue with results.


Our chiropractor has finished more than 300 Hours in Gonstead Seminars and Gonstead Methodology Institute. He is a member and a Diplomate of the Gonstead Clinical Study Society.



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