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Health Insurance 
Our business team will be happy to bill your health insurance out of courtesy for chiropractic services. It is your responsibility to contact your health insurance to verify your benefits before your first visit. Office visit co-pays and payments are due at time of service.
Our clinic is in-network with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota, Medicaid, Humana, and Medicare. We take cash, credit card, and HSA plans as form of payment. We also accept out-of-network insurances.
It is your responsibility checking your health benefits with your insurance before your appointment. We can provide you a Superbill for all the services if you plan to request reimbursement from your insurance. 
Zen Healing Center offers different packages with discounted prices and payments options for all the services.
Auto Insurance 
If you were involved in a car accident, you will most likely the covered at 100% under your no-fault Personal Injury Protection (PIP) on your policy. We will send your claims to your auto insurance after you consult with one of our healthcare providers. You will need to provide a claim number obtained from the claims processing listed in your policy. Our clinic will also provide legal referrals if you need.
Workers' Compensation
Worker's compensation insurance usually covers medical treatment  at 100% for 12 weeks for someone who was injured at work. This benefit is paid by the worker's employer or an insurance company. Employees must inform their employers right away after an injury and a claim will be open. Our clinic has treated many patients with work related injuries. In order to receive treatment due to a work injury, the patient must provide a claim number and information regarding their employer. We will send all the medical claims and provide legal referrals if needed.
For more information regarding your rights after being injured at work, please visit the MN Department of Labor & Industry at
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