"It is helping me a lot..."

“I love coming to this place. It is helping me a lot. I had a terrible hip pain, and now it is gone. I had a sample massage and acupuncture today and it was great. I truly recommend this clinic.”

-Anelisa B., Facebook



“Zen Healing Center has a very friendly, knowledgeable staff, a serene environment, and a convenient location. Highly recommend!!”

--Katie V., Facebook 2015

“Very friendly and professional, even after a few minutes I could feel the Chinese ear seeds lowering my tension!”

--Billy R., Facebook 2015


“The care and concern the people of this facility show for your well being is amazing! Highly recommend a visit!”

--Sera H., Facebook 2015


“The pain affected my home, personal, and work life. Now that I’m being seen I’m feeling more mobile. The doctor and his staff helped me understand my body and how to heal my body.”

--Luis C. of Hopkins, M.N. 1/26/2013


“Prior to seeing Dr. Zen, I regularly slouched in my chair at work and was used to having tension in my neck and shoulder every night. Dr. Zen not only taught me better posture, but his treatment has illuminated the pain in my life that I had grown so accustomed to.” 

--Ezra D. of St. Paul, M.N. 1/24/2013


“I started receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Zen to correct ongoing problems inflamed by stress. Dr. Zen is very detailed in discovering exactly where the issue was and how to reduce it in the future by life changes in both physical activity and diet. My pain has greatly been reduced through his care, and I continue to see him to progress further in taking better care of my body.”

--Katrina D. from Minneapolis, M.N. 1/24/2013


“Was a great experience-- By FAR the best in Edina, Minnesota.”

--Emily N. from Edina, M.N. 1/25/2013


“I was in constant pain and uncomfortable doing daily activities, especially when caring for my children. Since beginning care, I am pain free and feel healthier. Dr. Zen listens to my concerns and addresses all my concerns. I highly recommend him to all my friends and family.”

--Dao T. from St. Paul, M.N. 1/23/2013


“I came to Dr. Zen to get my neck figured out. It was giving me severe nauseous headaches. His treatments have really helped me to avoid a majority of them now. I recommend him to anyone who is in pain and wants holistic relief.”

--Karen S. from Bloomington, M.N. 1/24/2013


“Was hard to turn my neck, both right and left, especially when I was driving. Low back pain when I work in shopping center; the pain comes to my right leg. In morning, migraine comes till noon time. After only three times treatment, morning migraines much better, leg pain is getting better, and much easier to turn my head both ways.”

--Choon P. of Brooklyn Park 1/24/2013


“My friend introduced, “Dr. Zen does so good job.” So I came for low back problem. So far Zen caught which one is need fix my neck, back, low back. Two times I got treated, and my finger pain is gone (even though I didn’t tell Dr. Zen I sometimes have finger pain). I am happy with Zen what his integrity work.”

--Kyung P. from Brooklyn Park 1/24/2013


“Pain in my lower back slowed me down, not able to play with my grandchildren. It was hard to get out of my car. Now I get more done during the day, and I can do a lot more time with my grandchildren. Dr. Zen was helpful—he gave me movements to do to help me with pain. His staff gave me tea, and they move right along when you set up your next appointment. Dr. Zen did a lot in a short period of time. I would tell people just to give it a try.”

Michelle R. from Minnetonka, M.N. 1/24/2013


“Before starting chiropractic care, I suffered from a lot of neck pain is much less severe and I have a lot more energy. The staff has been extremely friendly and welcoming. They have made many practical suggestions for improving my health.”

--Kari D. from Richfield, M.N. 1/24/2013



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